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 A Message From:

 Mr K L Chua,





Dear Parents,


Do you always worry about your child's Maths results? Does your child keep practicing tons of Maths questions until he or she gets sick and tired? Has your child attempted tons of Maths questions but still fail or merely obtained average results? Is your child learning Maths by mechanically memorizing or understanding the steps? Does your child constantly stuck in a Maths question for a very long period of time and eventually got defeated and thus decide to give up?

Has Maths become your child's most hated subject? Is Maths an enemy or a friend of your child? Does your child ever dream of getting an 'A' for Maths but do not know how to? Are you tired of sending your child to numerous useless maths tuition that gave your child endless pile of Maths homework? Does your child keep practicing too many Maths questions till he or she does not have time to acquire other important knowledge or to pursue his or her interest?

Does your child want EASY and EFFECTIVE ways to score 'A' in Maths so that he or she can spend plentiful time to play with his or her friends and family? If any of your answers is a YES, then you have come to the right site on the net! (:

With powerful tools, your child can achieve 'A' for Maths regardless of how badly he or she has done in the past. Tools aside, your child must still have to do his or her very best to follow closely to instructions and schedules. Only then will your child past failures will be transformed into present potential success. It brings your child more Incredible Maths Result than you would have ever dreamed of.

Just imagine how your child's life and your life would change. No more failures. No more stress. No more reprimanding or nagging from you. No more hoping for something to change or a miracle to happen. Here, achieving 'A' in Maths is no longer a dream, but a reality.

If your child wants to achieve double or even triple times of your Maths result now by attending only 2 hours of session per week, we are willing to help your child to achieve all these in the comfort of your own timetable. Your child doesn't have to be gifted in Maths or inherit any Maths genes. He or she just need to be equipped with a sincere desire to make massive changes in his or her Maths result and the faith in us, to make things work.

In order to have amazing Maths result as that of the Top Students, your child will find that he or she has to practice an endless string of Maths questions until frustrated. If your child doesn't want to do that and insist in finding the easy way out, his or her maths result might ended up even worse. Why?

I have been through many setbacks over decades, to know precisely what work and what doesn't work. You'd need years to work out how to learn Maths in an easy but not lazy way, which in other words means LESS Effort, Greater Result.


Fortunately, now your child doesn't have to practice until going mad. Nor does your child have to do hours of research, nor wait for his or her learning curve to start to help him or her to achieve 'A' in Maths.

I have discovered and done all these troublesome and cumbersome things for your child. I even have spent years perfecting by simplifying my tactics and strategies, which I named them as Filomaths (The Philosophy of Maths), so that it can accelerate your dream towards your desired 'A', while minimalising the amount of hours your child has to practise.

Many students enjoyed Filomaths and of course the RESULTS reaped and therefore I want your child to feel just like them. The Filomaths revolutionary, tested and proven strategies have helped other students who were just like him or her, to achieve their desired results.


Do you know that such Incredible Tactics and Strategies can also be applied in other subjects, life and even business as well? That is why MATHS SPECIALIST is a Multiple Award-Winning Tuition Centre. Below are the Proofs.


Please read further to know How Filomaths has helped students to go beyond Academic Success! Skeptical? Let them tell you personally and I show you whatever proofs I have : )



Receiving an award from MP for

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC - Mr Zainudin Nordin



"Before I attended Mr Chua's Accelerate Training, I was quite weak in Maths.

Now, I find it pretty easy to solve Maths Problems. I also did very well for

my Class Recent Test. I don't find Maths so difficult anymore!"

Sheng Yong, Sec 2E

ZhengHua Secondary School


"I have learnt How to apply Filomaths Apples' story to solve almost

any Maths questions and use small numbers to understand

the Maths Concept before proceeding to difficult maths questions.

I can understand how questions are phrased differently but

the ways of doing are still the Same.

I don't need to study so 'hard' for Maths to aim 'A'!" 

Yunn Jia, P6, 73% to 96% in less than 3 months

Woodlands Primary School


"I have learnt multiple ways to solve challenging problems

such as Filomaths Apples' story, 'Do a Pair at a time' Method

which can also help to prevent carelessness and

also draw timelines for Distance, Speed and Time."

Yap Eileen, P6

Woodland Primary School

She scored 93% for her Prelim


"I like coming to Maths Specialist because I can learn new strategies.

I am always a step ahead of my school. I also learn how to tackle

complicated and long-winded questions and easier ways

to solve Maths questions. By doing so, I find Maths fun and easy."

Ashvin, Sec 1E

He lives in Bukit Batok and he scored 75% for his Final Exam.


"I am able to get a clearer understanding of how to

solve questions and now I don't need to spend lots of time

in Maths in order to be able to solve more Maths questions."

Dilys, Sec 1IP

Nanyang Girls' High


"I used to get 'C' or 'D' for my Maths before I  joined Maths Specialist.

Achieving 'A' for Maths has never come across my mind.

Now I love Maths and find that learning Maths is easy.

Thanks Mr Chua, because without him,

I won't be able to achieve an 'A' for Maths so easily."

Manisha Devi, Sec 2NA

Bendemeer Secondary School



Now, I have the courage to ask if I don't understand and

learn to shorten the all the topics I learnt to a few.

 I was also taught how to be careful and the ways to

remember what we have learnt.

The most amazing thing that I never realised is that

Filomaths Apples' story which brings Primary school topics

to Secondary school topics can make Secondary Maths very much easier!"

Matthew Lau, Sec 3E

St Patrick's School



"I am able to understand Maths due to very clear explanation

of the trainer. I learnt how Maths topics are closely linked and

understanding the formula is better than memorizing it."

Amos Chia, Sec 4NA

Deyi Secondary School



"I have improved tremendously and 'Mathswashed' difficult sums to

easy peasy simple sums. I learnt some simple but powerful methods in

solving Maths problem sums, like FiloMaths' Apple Story and its T.C.M.L. concept.

I was taught how to make my Maths' life much more livelier.

Last year, I set a goal of 80% for my Maths SA2, and

I achieved beyond it with a score of 94%."

Darryl Loke Zi Yang, Primary 6

Hougang Primary School



"Before joining Maths Specialist, Maths was a horrible subject.

I hate seeing Maths assessment books or papers.

I will think of all ways to get rid of them out of my sight.

Whenever I encountered Maths questions, I felt irritating and frustrating.

Once I can't solve I would slam the book... 

Finally, my Mum's friend recommended Maths Specialist and

I signed up for it. Mr Chua put in his very best efforts to

change my perception of Maths.

He is just like a magician performing magic on me ...

I understand his self-creation 'APPLES' Story' and

I improved from a Fail to PASS and NOW I am the TOP in Class."

Shaun Tan, Sec 2NA

Deyi Secondary School



Video Testimonials





Facebook Testimonials




Her Dream of Getting A* came True!


What her mother said about me ...

Her daughter joined my Maths Tuition since primary 3,

scored A* for her PSLE, and now continuing the tuition.



Failed Badly to A1 in 2 Months!




Do you know that many of my Graduates

are still performing very well in their

Academics, after learning filomaths?



Graduates' Testimonials



>>> Click Here for More Graduates' Testimonials <<<



Not Convince?

... they Even Grow Together with me,

and go beyond their Academics Success.


Below are some of my students who

I have taught them Maths until

they have completed their 'O' Levels,

and we have been friends for many years.

Shan En, Me & Nicholas Quake

Shan En joined my Maths Tuition in Year 2008 (Primary 5) and

Nicholas Quake joined my Maths Tuition in Year 2003 (Primary 6).


I & Caleb Yeo

Caleb Yeo joined my Maths Tuition in Year 2005 (Sec 2), and

has interviewed by Lianhe Zaobao for his NS Care Package.


Both of them are brothers and we went to Fitness First to Get Fit, not Fat.




>>> The OLDEST Student <<<

We have known each other for

over 15 years, and he is married.


Eddy Lee, the oldest student of mine, joined my Maths Tuition in 1999.





Am I the RIGHT Maths Tutor for Your Child?

If you are looking for just a Maths Tutor, there are many.


If you are looking for your child ...

a Maths Tutor for Today,

a Mentor for Tomorrow and

a Trustworthy Friend Forever,

then you should consider me.


You can see that ...

 I don't just teach them Maths,

but teaching them precisely on

how to Live in a Balanced Life,

NOT by Preaching, but by SHOWING,



"Life is NOT just about study and working,
but BALANCE. To achieve that you must
know How to do LESS for Even More!"

That is why in my Maths Tuition, I teach my students on

How to Learn Necessary Things to Learn Everything, and

NOT to Learn Everything for Everything. Agree?


Be Wise, Not Smart!


I don't just teach them How to do Less for Even More but myself as well.

That is why I have so much time for ...


Watch the video below to see my Tai-Chi-Chuan

Maths is not just Maths. It is TaiChi, but TaiChi is not Maths.

TaiChi is a philosophy. So what is Maths?

Therefore, I named it as FiloMaths, the Philosophy of Maths.

Do you want to find out what is FiloMaths precisely?


The Earlier Your Child Joins my Maths Tuition,

the Better We Get to Know Each Other!


You Can See that We TRULY Build

a Very Long-Lasting Relationship!


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